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Tommy Gordon's music - Audio downloads

latest update 2008

Midi Files (lover down this page)

MP3 files:

Tom's own recordings
Sparklette 1952 (1.60mb)
Chiff Chaff 1977 (2.12mb)

Creole Beauty 1953 (351kb - old scratchy version) *
Reminiscence 1976 (2.32mb)
Strut Miss Louise 1970 (2.10mb)
Pimpernel Rag 1970 (1.65mb)
Jolly Roger 1970 (1.60mb)
High Life 1952 (1.53MB)

Tom chats and plays others - in concert
Chat before playing Pastime (0.7mb)
Pastime rag Artie Matthews (1.4mb)

Chat before playing: (1.4mb)
Weeping Willow rag Scott Joplin (1.8mb)

Shout for Joy Boogie (1.8mb)

Tom's music digitised into MIDI audio

Aeoleus rag (1974) (20kb)
Appollo (1976) (19kb)
Alakeefic (1970) (19kb)
Beauty Queen (1953) (22kb)
Black Rose (1957) (17kb)

Cakewalk Jubilee (1977) (18kb)
Cherry Pie (1951) (22kb)
Cindy Belle (1967) (19kb)
Copppetop (1973) (17kb)
Creole Beauty (22kb)
Diamond Lily (1967) (15kb)
Frivolity (1951) (20kb)
Goldilocks (1957) (17kb)
High Life (1952) (16kb)
Jolly Roger (1970) (19kb)
Mandy Lou’s Cakewalk (1966) (16kb)
Pretty Thing (1987) (17kb)
Rag Elegante (1970) (19kb)
Silver Flash (1977) (21kb)
Sparklette (1952) (18kb)
The Twister (1969) (18kb)
Vieux Carré (1952) (18kb)

Magenta Tango (1992) (13kb)

The Four Seasons
Spring Lightning (1977) (17kb)
Lazy Summer (1974) (21kb)
Aunumn Thunder (1977) (23kb)
Winter Dream (1977) (23kb)





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